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March 2021 Newsletter

It has been a busy start of the year with many fantastic activities already held. And the upcoming period will be very busy with activities on all weekends for the next six weeks.

Upcoming Activities Plan

Check out our great upcoming activities plan :

  • 14th March – Swamp Creek to Birthday Creek, Mt Spec area – leader Luen.
  • 21st March – Terraces or Killymoon Creek – leader Luen / Keith.
  • 27-28 March – two dayer exploratory – Keelbottom Creek and Little Star Gorge / Cascades – leader Luen.
  • 27th March – ½ day - lower Little Crystal Creek gorge and waterfall photographers jaunt – leader Keith.
  • 28th March – Mt Spec track and lagoons walk – leader Keith
  • 2-5 April Easter 4 days – Porcupine Gorge remote wilderness bushwalking – leader Keith (limited numbers - members only at this stage)
  • 2-5 April Easter 4 days - Pelorus Island – leader Phil (limited numbers - members only at this stage)
  • 11th April – Little Birthday to Big Birthday, Mt Spec area – leader Luen
  • 18th April – Williams Creek and Forgotten Falls – leader Keith.
  • Dolby and Crystal Creeks explore – very scenic, fantastic exploring.
  • Alligator Creek Falls – yep, very good.
  • Creek crossing training – dancing with ..... ? And, that’s my toes you are standing on, not a rock !
  • Three Lagoons - Crystal Creek Falls, Junction Falls and Blue Lagoon – just awesome.
  • Rope and Loop Falls photographic walks (several trips).
  • Mine Creek waterfalls photographic explore – flowingly good.
  • Double Barrel Creek – barrels full of adventure, wetness, and laughs.
  • Upper Gold Creek - pure rainforest gold !
  • Blue Gum circuit – lovely bushwalk, even the leeches liked it.
  • Saddle Mountain / WW2 Mosquito wreck site – sprint to the top - finished by 2pm !
  • Plus a cycling tour de force, and kayaking on Ross River.

Within this time period, there may be some other adventures to be announced, probably speciality activities like photographer walks to waterfalls, chasing fungi etc.

The week leading up to an activity, the club will promulgate details to the email list. Also keep an eye on Facebook and the website for activities announcements and changes as well. Weather and conditions may force some short notice changes, we remain flexible and adaptable as usual.

Activities Calendar 2021

The website has the activities calendar for 2021 which lists the scheduled fortnight dates for bushwalks. This is based on the standard fortnight schedule – obviously at times (like upcoming) we do have activities on other dates as well.

We are planning some extraordinary long weekend and multi-day remote wilderness activities for the rest of the year, so stay tuned.

Recent Activities

Recent activities have included wilderness bushwalks and exploring in Mt Spec and other areas, plus cycling and kayaking.

Too much to report in detail in this newsletter, so go to Facebook or Instagram for the photos which tell the stories very well, and also Luen’s website Wanderstories for his bushwalk led trip reports – great resources.

Sometimes you gotta pay attention to the leader briefings ya know – they are not that bad :




News and Fluff

Monthly Meetings - The club is reinstituting monthly meetings on 2nd Monday each month, at this stage for committee and walk leaders only – restrictions in the meet room still apply.

Meet and Greet - We will also use these Monday monthly meetings as an opportunity for meet and greet for prospective new walkers. If you haven’t walked with the club before, this is a good opportunity to meet and greet our walk leaders and have a welcoming chat, so contact the club for details if interested - we would love to have a friendly meet and greet with you. If you cannot make a Monday meeting, let us know, a coffee shop meet and greet is always available. Or even join one of our leaders on a training walk one afternoon after work at one of their regular mid-week training sites e.g.Castle Hill, JCU hill/ Douglas Mtn, Mt Louisa etc.

We can even do a ‘show and tell’ of bushwalking gear if required, especially for the long distance remote multi-day trips, to give you an idea of gear we use. We like ‘lightweight minimalist’ as much as possible, makes the trip more enjoyable than a lugging a heavy pack, especially by the end of the day or that slog up a steep climb. Albeit, some reduce the weight to make nice and light but then add heavy camera and luxuries gear ! One trip (a 298 km 18 dayer), one illustrious highly esteemed member even carried a portable solar panel on their pack (very lightweight). And port or liqueur is not a luxury for some, but a necessity (it is medicinal isn’t it?) ! Oh well, as long as the photo or the luxury is worth it – you take it, you gotta carry it ! For JW – no chair allowed – and we will camp up in Thunderbolt !

AGM – the club Annual General Meeting will be held on 10th May. Details to members separately.

BWQ - Townsville Bushwalking Club now has representation on the Bushwalking QLD committee – Keith is fulfilling a non-executive committee position on the BWQ Committee. Bushwalking Queensland Inc. (BWQ) is the peak body that represents the interests of its affiliated bushwalking clubs in Queensland. It also acts in the interest of the wider bushwalking community, through its advocacy role with land managers and various government departments. Recent examples include : Zoom meeting with clubs; Walking Alliance Qld Meeting; and Coffee & Conversation - Outdoors Qld. BWQ is a not-for-profit, non-commercial association, run by volunteers drawn from the club network.

There are 24 bushwalking clubs in QLD, with 1,763 members. If you are travelling in other parts of the state and keen to walk in great areas not known or accessible only to the clubs, contact one of the clubs in that area to join their walks. Club contact details are at the BWQ website.

Donations – the club is making donations (from profits of the wall calendar sales) to AWC (for the Northern Bettong Enclosure), and Wongaloo Conservation Reserve.




Wilfred – as most of you know, Wilfred was nominated for two Australia Day awards. The contributions Wilfred has made to bushwalking and exploring in the region and in particular the club is exemplary and very much appreciated. He has achieved many accomplishments. He is even the chief UFO spotter in Paluma. Congratulations Wilfred !

The mighty 10 - Joy is celebrating 10 years as a club member – starting as a novice bushwalker 10 years ago, her accomplishments have been amazing. Includes the State 8 (highest peak in each state/territory), Aussie top 15 peaks (top 10 was not enough, Joy pushed on for the top 15), Hannel’s Spur – highest ascent in Australia and culminates at the highest point of Australia, NZ North Island three highest peaks (volcanoes), numerous other peaks and hard core hikes like Western Arthurs traverse in Tassie, and even has a local feature named after her - Joy’s Cliff. And she is chief purveyor of jam, cream, and caramel pikelets or scones when we achieve lofty goals – sitting at a peak eating treats like that is a great reward. What is next (apart from Mt Fuji) ? Congrats and well done Joy. (Oh, and she is well known for a particular prank activity).




We feel sad to have to say farewell, because Anneliese and Oliver are leaving Townsville this month. We will miss them, but remember them fondly. Anneliese is one of our great explorers and adventurers. We wish you both the best for your future, and hope to see you on a bushwalk (or probably side of a cliff or a log crossing) again in the future.