Walk Together

04 new members 2-thWe walk as a group under control of a designated activity leader. Participants are required to remain with the group unless approved otherwise by the activity leader. We usually take short breaks along the way, and have good breaks at suitable intervals depending on the particular activity and the aim of the bushwalk. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit and well enough, and capable of staying with the group, for the planned walk. If in doubt ask the activity leader prior to the walk.

Any difficulties need to be promptly brought to the attention of the walk leader.

On most walks we try to car pool to reduce parking space required at the walk start. We ask that passengers offer a monetary contribution to the car owner to assist with fuel and opertaing costs of the car. The amount is at discretion of the owner and passengers. If you have a suitable car you should be prepared to offer your vehilce to assist with transport logistics.

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