Walker Guidelines

04 new members 1-thIntending participants are required to attend the pre-walk meeting to hear the walk briefing and to gain an understanding of the location, walk type, expected duration and requirements for the planned activity.  This is to also assist with logistics and planning e.g. transport, camping.

Participants who cannot attend the pre-walk meeting are required to contact the walk leader for briefing and approval to attend the activity.

There may be occasions where walker numbers are restricted due to logistics.  Priority for participation is given to members who attend the pre-walk meeting and those who have pre-notified the club that they cannot attend the pre-walk meeting but would like to participate in the upcoming activity.

Prospective participants should check with the leader that they are capable of safely completing the activity based on experience, fitness, and personal capabilities. Please be specific if the leader asks about your walking experience, fitness, and capability. It is for your safety that this information is required.

The walk leader has the right to deny participation to any person who is deemed to be unsuitable for the planned activity. 

Prior to Walk:

  • Ensure that you are fit and well enough for the degree of difficulty of the walk. If in doubt discuss with the leader well prior to the walk. Advise the leader if you are taking medication or have any other potential issues.
  • Arrive at starting point on time.
  • Carry sufficient water for conditions of walk, generally a minimum of one litre, or two litres or more in hotter conditions. Often we refill from creek water along the way if available.
  • Ensure you are suitably equipped including first aid kit, personal medications, sunscreen, hat, food, rain gear, whistle, torch and appropriate clothing and footwear. A map and compass may also enhance your enjoyment of the walk.
  • Ensure you complete the sign on sheet after reading the Risk Waiver and noting any risk warnings.
  • Remember to bring a sense of humour and adventure. Our leaders are all volunteers so please remember to be patient and kind.

During the Walk:

  • Follow the leader's instructions. Remember your leader has your welfare at heart. Be courteous, co-operative and helpful to other walkers in the group.
  • You must remain with the group.
  • You should not leave the walk early unless pre-arranged, but if it is necessary you must advise the leader and if requested, sign off on the activity sign on sheet. You must accept a leader's decision to send someone with you to accompany you out.
  • Do not allow yourself to become separated from the group. If experiencing any difficulty such as pace, blisters, shortage of water, advise the leader immediately. Participants should maintain a line of sight with people in front and behind them.
  • Car pooling is recommended. Contribute to car costs if you are a passenger in another member's vehicle.
  • It is your responsibility to allow sufficient distance between yourself and the walker in front so that you are not injured by branches flicking back.
  • Do not leave the track. If for any reason you are going to fall behind, advise the appointed "tail".

At the End of the Walk:

  • Ensure the leader is aware you have made it to the end.
  • Remember to thank the leader.
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